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Our mission at Cobequid Animal Hospital is to enrich and lengthen the special bond that you have with your pet. Our goal at the end of every appointment is to have you go home educated and your pet happy. We believe that preventative medicine is the key to your pet living a long and healthy life.

We recommend bi-annual check-ups with our veterinarians. Once a year we will see your pet for their annual vaccines and a comprehensive wellness consult. At this exam we will talk about parasite prevention programs, diet and exercise, your pets elimination patterns, behaviour, infectious disease prevention and perform any necessary follow up lab testing needed for chronic ongoing medication. You will have time to ask your veterinarian any questions you may have thought of in regards to your pet's health. These annual exams are truly just a chance for us to catch up- our clients and patients are family and this is a chance for us to see how you’ve been.

Our Cobequid Care Packages are another amazing option for your pet during their annual consult.

Six months following your pet’s annual exam, we offer a complimentary wellness consult, our Pet Wellness Exam. At this time, your pet should not require any vaccinations however that does not make this six month follow up consult any less important.
Pets age much quicker than us.! Even if your pet is seeing a veterinarian once a year, it’s comparable to a human seeing a physician once every 6-8 years. During that time period, a lot of physical changes can happen to your pet. We want to bridge a bit of that gap by offering our Pet Wellness Exam.

Physical exam

During your pets bi-annual consultations, your veterinarian will perform a physical exam. In fact, they are often observing your pets behaviour and physical attributes before you even notice.

During a physical exam, these are the basics in which your veterinarian is noting.

-How your dog walks and places themselves
-Your pets alertness, are they bright and alert or more depressed?
-Your pets body condition
-The hair-coat, looking for dryness, oiliness, hair loss, etc.
-The eyes, looking for redness, discharge, excessive tearing, cloudiness, abnormal bumps or scratches, etc.
-The ears, looking for discharge, smell, thickening, hair loss, etc.
-The nose and face, looking for discharge, ease of breathing, skin folds, etc.
-Mouth and teeth, looking for tartar build-up, periodontal disease, retained baby teeth, broken teeth, excessive salivation, staining around the lips, ulcers in or around the mouth, etc.

Your vet will also take your pet's temperature, auscultate the heart and lungs and palpate lymph nodes, legs, and abdomen.

Complimentary Pet Wellness Exam

Six months following your pet’s annual exam, we offer a complimentary wellness consult, our Pet Wellness Exam. At this time, your pet should not require any vaccinations however that does not make this six month follow up consult any less important.

Pets age much quicker than us! Even if your pet is seeing a veterinarian once a year, it’s comparable to a human seeing a physician once every 6-8 years. During that time period, a lot of physical changes can happen to your pet. We want to bridge a bit of that gap by offering our Pet Wellness Exam.

Please ask us and we can clarify what month your pet will be due for their Pet Wellness Exam. The complimentary exam is only good for one month.

Vaccine Schedule for Cats

Cats receive annual vaccinations for Feline Leukemia, Calicivirus, Rhinotracheitis and Panleukopenia.

Feline Vaccine Schedule:
8 Weeks: Upper Respiratory Vaccine (FVRCP)
12 Weeks: Upper Respiratory Vaccine and Leukemia Vaccine (FVRCP + Leukemia)
16 Weeks: Upper Respiratory Vaccine, Leukemia Vaccine, and Rabies (FVRCP, Leukemia, Rabies)

Annual vaccines are done 1 year after their 16-week vaccines and include Upper Respiratory, +- Leukemia, and Rabies.

Vaccine Schedule for Dogs

8 Weeks: Distemper, Parvovirus, Canine Hepatitis (Adenovirus Type 2)
12 Weeks: Distemper, Parvovirus, Canine Hepatitis (Adenovirus Type 2), Leptospirosis
16 Weeks: Distemper, Parvovirus, Canine Hepatitis (Adenovirus Type 2), Leptospirosis, Rabies, +/- Bordetella (kennel cough)

First annual exam one year after puppy vaccine series (approximately 1.5 years of age) – your puppy will receive a booster of all puppy vaccines.

At our clinic, we give a rotation of core vaccines (Distemper+Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Rabies) which each last for three years. Leptospirosis is also a core vaccine but it is boostered yearly. At the time of their second annual exam (approx. 2.5 years of age), they will go into the rotation of:

1st Year: Distemper+ Adenovirus and Leptospirosis
2nd Year: Parvovirus and Leptospirosis
3rd Year: Rabies and Leptospirosis

Other optional yearly vaccines include:
Lyme disease and Bordatella (kennel cough).

Cobequid Care Packages

Did you know that your pet seeing the vet once a year is the same as if you were to see a physician only ONCE every SIX to EIGHT YEARS!!

How crazy it that?

This is exactly why we created Cobequid Care Packages (CCP’s).

During your pet’s annual check-up, not only will the vet perform a physical exam but the CCP introduces diagnostic testing as a preventative way to detect possible problems. Finding health issues or diseases early, before they affect your pet's quality of life is major. It often opens up possibilities in treatment that are easy on the animal as well as your pocketbook.

During the CCP we also discuss your pet’s lifestyle, life stage, and diet. We want owners to feel EMPOWERED knowing they are doing everything possible to make their beloved pet’s life the best it can be.

We worked closely with Idexx, an outside laboratory, to form this send away package of diagnostics.
We hand-picked the tests we want to run, to pinpoint specific conditions and the health status of your animal.

Available to both cats and dogs, we offer an adult package as well as a senior.
Working with an outside lab gives us the ability to offer the very best price. Although this package is not acceptable for pets that are showing physical symptoms of ailments.
Our in-house laboratory equipment would be used in this case, where results are available within the hour.

If you are interested in Titer testing for your pet before vaccinating, it is available as requested at an additional charge.

We are offering Cobequid Care Packages as an option for your pet’s yearly wellness exam. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to learn more or book your pet’s Cobequid Care Package.

Microchips are used as an important piece of identification for your pet. A microchip is a small, electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder that is about the same size as a grain of rice. The microchip itself does not have a battery—it is activated by a scanner that is passed over the area, and the radio waves put out by the scanner activate the chip. The chip transmits the identification number to the scanner, which displays the number on the screen.

Microchipping takes no more time than any other injection or vaccine. The needle used to insert the microchip is fairly large but pets do not generally mind it much more. 
A microchip can be inserted during any regular appointment, however, we do find that many owners have it done during their puppy or kitten’s routine spay or neuter.

The number which is unique to each microchip will contain all of your information. It’s important to remember to change phone numbers or addresses if they change.

Nutritional Counselling

During your pet's consultation with our veterinarian, we discuss the importance of a balanced diet. We believe that diet is a key component of a healthy life. There is not one diet for every pet, so we will talk about your pet uniquely and help you to choose the best food option. 

Some questions we would go over during the appointment are: What diet your does your pet eat? Commercial Dry/Wet food, homemade diets, prepared raw, etc. Do several pets in the same household have different nutritional requirements? Is your pet currently on any supplements? What are your pets eating patterns (ex: free fed or meal fed)?

Our veterinarians will discuss your pets lifestyle and potential specific nutritional requirements. Periods of growth (puppies and kittens), senior years, food allergies, acute and chronic diseases all will alter your pet’s nutrition requirements. It’s our goal to educate you on these requirements so that your pet is as healthy as possible.

We offer in-clinic titer testing for Parvovirus, Distemper, and Adenovirus Type 2. Other vaccine titers are available as a send away test, please ask us for more information. 

Titers measure the concentration of antibodies in your dog's system. Determining the level of concentration lets us know whether your dog is in need of that vaccine or not.

Titers are a helpful tool if you want to avoid over-vaccination or if your pet has an immune-mediated disease where you cannot vaccinate.

Parasite Prevention
Our pets are a part of our families and like any other member, it’s important to keep your companion animal healthy and free of parasites.

It’s fairly common for a dog or cat to become infected with an internal or external parasite. Parasites can affect your pet in a variety of ways, ranging from simple irritation to causing life-threatening conditions if left untreated.

Have you heard the term Zoonotic? Zoonotic diseases are those that can be transmitted directly or indirectly from animals to humans! Hookworm and Roundworm are just two of the internal parasites which you and your dog could have.

We have a variety of different preventative products for internal parasites (heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, tapeworm) and external parasites (fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, ear, and skin mites). 

The product that is recommended to you will be based on your pets lifestyle, your family dynamic, other sibling pets, and preferences. No one product is right for every pet, please ask us next time you are in and we are happy to help.

We treat your pets as if they were our own.


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