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Library of Articles: Department of Integrative Medicine

This is a selection of articles written by Dr. Fernando Moncayo, originally published for his column 'Holistic Vet' in The Source – a quarterly magazine devoted to topics of health and wellness. Focusing on the disciplines and practices of holistic medicine, and dating from 1996 to the present, this selection will continue to expand as more articles become available.

Dr. Moncayo writes:

“In general I do not discriminate within therapeutic options, but recommend the treatment that is most appropriate in each particular case. This may involve the use of one particular therapy, or a combination of therapies may also be desired. However, my approach is predominantly holistic. In my practice, complementary therapies are fully integrated with all standard procedures.”

The following article describes background for Dr Moncayo's integrated approach:

The integration of conventional and natural medicine – a holistic approach to veterinary medicine:

Conventional medicine is very effective and rewarding in emergencies, treating acute diseases or diseases that require surgery. However, as I discovered in the first few years of my veterinary practice, the efficacy of conventional therapies is limited when it comes to the treatment of chronic disease (asthma, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic UTI, epilepsy, cancer, chronic renal failure etc) – at best, suppressing symptoms temporarily.

moncayo2The side effects of drugs required to treat chronically ill patients made me uncomfortable as well, so I began searching for other methods of treating chronically ill animals. First, I undertook a Masters of Science in Biology at Dalhousie University (1990-92) where I developed a holistic and dynamic view of living systems, in which integration, change and regeneration are the central properties. Here lies the clue to the cause of chronic diseases: breakdown of organic balance, inability to adjust to the changing environment, and incapacity for regeneration.

I realized that in order to treat chronically ill animals, I needed to address the internal causes. This led me to homeopathy, which I studied first in Argentina with the Argentinian Homeopathic Medicine Association (AHMA) from 1993-94. AHMA has taught homeopathy to veterinarians, medical doctors and dentists for over 70 years; there I learned from practicing homeopaths with several decades of individual experience. I later studied with Jeremy Sheer, (1997-99) a world renowned homeopath for humans. Homeopathy gave me the framework and the tools to stimulate healing from within. With homeopathic medicine I was able to treat chronically ill patients, providing lasting cures at best, or excellent palliation with good quality of life. Even more importantly, I learned how animals may be raised in order to prevent the arising of chronic disease.

Musculoskeletal diseases respond marginally to homeopathy, so in 1999 and 2000 I studied acupuncture with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) and became an IVAS Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist as well.

Life is a learning process where my patients are my teachers. Each one presents me with a new lesson.

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