About Cobequid Animal Hospital

We are a team of animal health providers, offering high standards of care for your companion animals. Each of us has been committed to the care of animals from an early age. At Cobequid Animal Hospital we have created a joint vision, offering the best of our knowledge, and continuously expanding that knowledge in order to improve the health of our patients.

Working together, with a variety of expertise and approaches available, we are better poised to tackle and resolve complex medical problems. We each have individual strengths, and together we foster the development of a variety of approaches to animal health within a scientific framework.

We strive to provide a high quality of service with high quality tools. Our "soft tools" of knowledge and experience are deep and broad, and we are constantly engaged in continuing education. Our "hard tools" are a modern, well-equipped facility built in 2002 to replace the 30-year-old hospital which fell to a catastrophic fire.

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Cobequid Animal Hospital staff members
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resident cat, 'Mama'